Up and Pull System

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Betting systems have been in existence ever since gambling was first introduced. People have always sought to find ways to beat the system, increase their chances of winning and generally get their hands on some ‘free’ money. There are a whole range of betting systems that are in use today which are probably amongst the oldest out there, however it wasn’t until fairly recently that were given the standard names we use today. Generally it is casino games where the chances of winning are even (or just under as is mostly the case) where betting systems are implemented. Ideal casino games for these types of betting systems are therefore roulette, baccarat and sometimes even black jack.

There are both positive betting systems so called because the bet sizes are increased after a win and decreased after a loss, and there are negative systems where bet sizes are in fact decreased after a win, and only increased after a loss. This is with the aim of safeguarding profits whilst trying to protect yourself against big losses and going bust. In addition there are staking systems where it is not the bet size that is changed, but a systematic method of choosing what to bet on is implement to try and win more money.

The Up and Pull system is also known as a “regression/progression” system. The way it works is simple. You begin with two units, and if you win, you “pull back” or “regress” to one unit. If you win that round, go back to two units, then steadily go up and back until you’ve reached some pre-decided cutoff point, or until you run into the table limit of course. This is not dissimilar to many of the other other betting systems that are most favoured today. It is a reasonably popular method as it doesn’t involve a large starting off stake or initial bet like the Martingale system for example that potentially needs a large pot of money to be able to commence with.

While betting systems are popular amongst a large number of novice players, they are not a guaranteed way to make money. The systems rely on winning streaks to take place. Regardless of whether a player has adopted a betting system or not, a winning streak will undoubtedly make profits. The system itself does nothing to change the odds offered by the house. The roulette wheel gets spun continuously, but the result is not in any way influenced by anything that has gone before. So even if a player has lost 10 times in a row, the chances of winning are still 50% in the next spin. This is often an oversight of novice casino gamblers who often believe that chances of winning increase after a bad run of luck. This is simply not the case.

Nonetheless betting systems can produce escalated profits, especially if each time the profits is used to bet with on top of the initial stake. A player would do well however to walk away from the table when a pre-determined profit has been made, as a winning streak will not last forever and of course it’s impossible to tell exactly when it will come to an end. The up and pull system does not need a large bank roll to get started as previously mentioned and so a player is not at risk of losing large sums of money. Additionally, it isn’t possible to go bust in one hand as is sometimes the case with other systems that people enjoy using. Table limits are also something that may need to be kept in mind as casinos often impose limits at the tables of games such as roulette so if you plan on betting very big, you may need to be seated at a particular table!

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