Paroli System

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The Paroli System is a gambling or betting system. Betting systems are methods that are implemented by a gambler in order to maximise winnings and indeed increase chances of success by improving the odds offered to the player.

This system is also sometimes referred to as the Anti-Martingale System as it works in the opposite way that the Martingale system does. It is a positive betting system rather than a negative which means that the bet size is increased after a win and decreased after a loss. A negative betting system such as the Martingale is a negative system which see the bet size decreased after a win and increased after a win. This is for the purpose of safeguarding profits mainly. Positive betting systems are based on the same idea that banks use to compound interest and has the effect of pyramiding profits.

There are several decisions that need to be made before diving headlong into the Paroli System. The first decision is fixing a unit value. Secondly, it is vital that the player decides how many bets will be made before removing winnings and completing the process again going back to the same initial bet. These decisions will be effected by the game that is being played.

Let’s take a closer look at the Paroli system and see it in action. Let’s say the game is French Roulette. This is a standard casino game that is often undertaken with a betting system such as this one. Let’s also say that the initial wager of $1 has been decided upon and after three consecutive wins any winnings will be removed and the process repeated. If you win the first round, in accordance with the Paroli system the next bet must be doubled. The next bet therefore made will be for $2. This process should continue on until there have been three consecutive wins when the profits are removed and the bet is taken back to the initial amount of $1. Additionally, if the bet is lost, then the player should return to using the initial $1 bets.

This system is essentially to be used to try and take advantage of winning streaks. While they are in action, profits are pyramiding effectively and the player will end up with far more winnings than had a simple flat betting strategy been adopted. Conversely if you hit a run of bad luck, it is only one unit bet that is lost as the initial stake or investment would only be small (in this instance, just $1)

This method of gambling should be used on games such as roulette or baccarat and is a popular method especially amongst novice players. The Paroli system does offer the chance of pyramiding profits if on a winning streak. It also does not need large capital as the betting unit can be very small. As with all betting systems however for games where the odds are 50:50 or just under, there is no guarantee that a player will hit a winning streak. The chances of losing never change as the roulette wheel or playing cards have no memory. In other words, if you lose then your chances of winning the next round do not increase, they remain exactly the same. This is often overlooked by players when utilizing a betting system such as the Paroli. If you want to adopt this method however it is indeed simple and can produce large profits in the short term.The pyramid style nature means that from a small stake, profits can escalate. It should always ben remembered however that the chances of losing are high and any net profit can be wiped out in one hand.

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