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Baccarat TableWelcome to Here you can find lots of your Baccarat questions answered and carefully choosen information about, how and where to play Baccarat online and at your favorite gaming destination.

Baccarat has a reputation for being only a game for the super wealty and elite. We are here to tell you other wise. Gone are the days of ropped of high stakes Baccart rooms. They still excist and flurish but since the conception of mini baccarat and as it becomes more and more popluar online millions are playing this fun often entertaining game . Baccarat is one of the only games in the either an online or land based casino that has near 50/50 odds. This means that the house takes very little as it vig and you as the player get a lot better chance of winning. Unlike playing one number on the roulette wheel which is 36/1 odds you have a much better return with Baccarat.

Baccarat Systems

Almost every week we get tones of email asking about Baccarat Systems and how to apply them to Baccarat Betting Strategies. Specifically the Martingale system.

The internet is full of systems for beating Baccarat. These systems range in price from a couple of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. But are any of the systems worth the money? Is a $200 system better than a $2 system? Is Baccarat even beatable?

Gambling experts have asked themselves that last question over and over again – Is Baccarat beatable? From the house’s point of view, Baccarat is a very elegant game. You have three betting choices: one choice gives the house a small edge, one choice gives the house a slightly better edge, and one choice gives the house a huge edge. The game of Baccarat bleeds gamblers slowly and offers them the opportunity to lose their money even faster. What a great game for the house!

But there are those two bets – the Player and the Banker bets – that offer a slim margin. One can’t help but wonder if there is a way to shave that edge enough to make Baccarat a profitable game.

Like all games, Baccarat is beatable short-term. Any player can go on a hot streak and make lots of money at the Baccarat table. However experts have proven time after time that this game cannot be beat in the long run. Here are several reasons that Baccarat cannot be beaten long-term:

Baccarat is Uncountable

Unlike Blackjack, you can’t count cards in Baccarat. Baccarat games use a shoe of about eight decks. In order to use counting to your advantage, you’d have to add and subtract large numbers to keep track of the house’s edge. Even if you were able to keep track of all of those numbers, you would only be able to profit on 1 in every 345 hands. You’d be better off flipping burgers at $6.55 an hour rather than waiting hours to play a Baccarat hand.

Bet Scaling Relies on Streaks

Other Baccarat systems rely on scaling your bets and banking a portion of your profits to win at the game. The problem with these systems is that they rely on a streak to be profitable. Streaks do happen, but there is nothing statistical about them; they’re unpredictable anomalies. For example, the odds of a coin landing on heads are 1 in 2. But what are the odds of a coin landing on heads if the coin has already landed on heads 8 times in a row? The odds are still 1 in 2. A streak doesn’t change the odds. But When a streak happens you better be sure to ride the wave because its one of the most exciting times of a Baccarat game when a shoe hits a streak.

Don’t waste your money buying a book on Baccarat or buying a Baccarat system. We will cover almost everything you need to know about Baccarat right here for Free.

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