Baccarat has gone through many transformations over the centuries. However, the transformation the game underwent in the mid 1990’s was unlike anything the game’s creators could have imagined. Baccarat went digital and players from all over the world could log onto a virtual casino and place their bets.

Online Baccarat

Can offer several advantages over casino Baccarat with the biggest advantage being better odds. Land casinos have massive overhead. They employ dealers and cocktail servers. They have electric bills, water bills, cleaning bills, equipment costs, and security costs. Online casinos, on the other hand, have software, servers, computer programmers, and consultants – and online casinos don’t pay massive fees to be located on the Vegas Strip.

Less overhead means that online casinos can offer better odds and still be as profitable as a land casino. This is great news for Baccarat gamblers because the slimmer the house’s margin, the more likely it is that a player can go on a winning streak and beat the short-term odds.

However, this new technology raises a lot of questions. What should you look for in an online casino? Is your money safe there? What odds are good odds? Here are some tips for people who want to play Baccarat online.

Only Play in Reputable Online Casinos

Never play in a casino with a bad reputation no matter how great their odds are. Reputable casinos spend the time to make sure your money is safe and their games are fair. Some online casinos skimp on these important features and can put your money in jeopardy.

Find an Online Casino with a Virtual Shoe

A virtual shoe is better than a random card generator. When you’re playing in a casino with a random number generator, you’re playing with a shoe that’s infinite decks deep. The odds will never change. However, with a virtual shoe of eight decks, the odds of the Banker winning will get better as you get closer to the end of the deck. A virtual shoe will help slim the house’s edge.

Look for a Low Banker Commission

It’s a fact that the Banker will win the majority of hands. To compensate for that fact, casinos charge a commission on all money won on a Banker bet. Usually this commission is 5%, but some online casinos offer a 2.5% commission. The lower the Banker’s commission is, the thinner the house’s edge and the greater your chances of running hot and winning some money.

Find a Secure Casino

Most online casinos have encryption systems that rival those of major financial institutions. These are the casinos you want to deposit your money in. Any casino that tries to cut this corner isn’t worth your time or money.

Online game play is the latest innovation in the game of Baccarat and the major benefit of Baccarat Online is that players can enjoy better odds than ever before. By following these tips, you can shave the house’s edge considerably. The house will always win in the long run, but the thinner the house’s edge, the better your chances of bucking the short-term odds.