Natural Nine Baccarat Hand

Once upon a time, Baccarat was a game exclusively for high rollers. Baccarat tables could be seen secured by red velvet ropes in secluded corners of casinos. All of the players were well dressed and had obscene amounts of money in front of them. Today, Baccarat History party of the past and now Baccarat is a mainstream game and you’ll see as many tourists in flip-flops as high rollers in suits sitting at the Baccarat tables (though probably at different limits).

Where did Baccarat come from and how did it make its way into modern casinos? Gather around my friends while I tell you the tale of gods and virgins, of nobility and peasants, of profit and losses. Gather around while I tell you how Baccarat became one of the most popular games in today’s casinos.

The exact origins of Baccarat history are a little unclear. Both the Italians and the French lay claim to the game, but wherever Baccarat came from, the legend is that the first game of Baccarat was played by young blonde virgins. According to the legend, nine gods would watch as the virgins threw a nine-sided die. If the virgin rolled an eight or a nine, she was destined to become a priestess in the temple. If the virgin rolled a six or a seven, she was banned from being a religious figure. But if the unfortunate girl rolled less than a six, she had to walk into the sea to her death. Fortunately the stakes of Baccarat are no longer so dire.

The gambling form of Baccarat (for money, not for life) was first seen in the late 15th century in France. The game became very popular with the French nobility. In France, Baccarat went from being an underground game, to a source of taxes, to a legal form of entertainment. But as Baccarat was going through an identity crisis in France, its popularity began to rise in England.

In England, the rules of Baccarat evolved from the traditional rules of Chemin de Fer and became a new form of Baccarat called European Baccarat.

After a some time in South America and Cuba, European Baccarat came to the United states in the early to mid 20th century where it underwent another metamorphosis and became American Baccarat. However, the game was still played exclusively by the wealthy.

The most recent revision of the game of Baccarat is the variant called Mini Baccarat. Whereas Baccarat is played at a large table with the shoe passing from one player to the next, Mini Baccarat resembles a more traditional casino game with one dealer handing the cards at all times.

Mini Baccarat brought the game of Baccarat to the average player by lowering the minimum bet and making it easier to play. Players can now play Baccarat in much the same way they can play Blackjack or Pai Gow Poker.

Baccarat History has changed a lot over the centuries. You no longer have to be a young blonde virgin or French nobility to play the game. Today, anyone can enjoy the fun and easy game of Baccarat.