Follow the Shoe

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Follow the Shoe is a betting strategy. A betting strategy is a system adopted by gamblers with the aim of maximizing profits at the casino tables. They have been in existence ever since gambling has, although names were not given to the systems that are in use today until much later. There are different types of betting systems. A positive betting system sees the player increase the bet size after a win, and decrease the bet size after a loss. A negative betting system on the other hand is the opposite and the bet size is decreased after a win, and increased after a loss. All in all betting systems and Baccarat Strategy Systems are designed to help safeguard the profits made and help protect against large losses.

Staking systems are another aspect of betting systems especially Follow the Shoe system. These see the player remove any emotion out of picking a side to bet on by making the process totally systematic. Follow the Shoe is one of these staking systems. It is a simple idea that the bet is put on the last winner. For example if in Baccarat the bankers wins a hand, the next bet the player would make would be on the banker. The follow the shoe system is favoured by many as it can catch a winning streak on either side in theory. Follow the Shoe is also a particular favourite amongst veteran baccarat players because it does not need a large stake to begin with.

Betting strategies can only be adopted on games where the chances of winning are evens. There is something to remember however and that is that no matter what you are told, the follow the shoe betting system does not in any way effect your chances of winning. If a casino game offers you the odds of a 50% chance of winning, this will not be altered by adopting a betting system of any kind. Although betting systems of course do allow players to maximize their profits and ensure there is success in the short term, they do not guarantee success in the long term. The roulette wheel will produce a result that is in no way effected by any previous outcome. A player could lose 30 times in a row and yet when that wheel is spun for the thirty first time, the chances of losing will still stand at 50% and could quite easily happen again.

A betting system will not change these statistics. They rely on winning streaks however it is impossible to tell when a winning streak is coming to an end and therefore potentially all the winnings that a player has accumulated will be lost instantly. The benefits of using a betting system such as this one however are that only a very small initial stake is needed and a player is therefore only risking a very small amount of money. This betting system is similar to the Avant Dernier system which is French for ‘before after.’ Using this strategy, the player bets on the second to last outcome that has just taken place. For example with a series of results in baccarat as Banker, Player, Player, Banker, then the player would make a bet on the Player. If on the other hand we had the series Player, Banker, Banker, the player’s next bet would be on the Banker.

Players often see success by adopting the Follow the Shoe strategy when playing casino games. It is certainly possible to turn a modest initial stake into a large sum of money. As with all betting systems however that are played in casino games where the odds of winning are 50:50, these betting systems by no means guarantee success in the long term. The recommended action would be to walk away once a pre-decided profit had been made and thus safeguarding the profit in that way. This is preferable to relying on a betting system to keep winning money as the betting system itself has no effect on whether a player will win or lose.

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