Avant Dernier System

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The Avant Dernier betting system has always been popular amongst Baccarat players. But what is a betting system? A betting system is a method of betting that is implemented by gamblers as a way of maximizing profits on casino games. They are as old as gambling themselves generally, although many of them did not receive the standard names they go by today until much later. Baccarat, roulette and sometime black jack are the most common games that such betting systems are used on.

The Avant Dernier system is especially popular with Continental European players and is a French term that means ‘before last.’ The clue to this betting system is indeed held within its name. It is a very simple idea and can be simply stated as betting on the second last winning result. Due to the nature of this systematic approach to betting, this type of betting system is known as staking system because unlike progressive betting systems that simply dictate the bet size, a staking system actually tells the player how and where to bet.

An example of this Avant Dernier system in action would go like this. With a series of results Banker, Player, Player, Banker. Then the player would make a bet on the Player. If on the other hand we had the series Player, Banker, Banker. The player’s next bet would be Banker. As with all betting systems, the Avant Dernier hopes to catch a streak of wins on either the side of the Banker or the Player. Additionally, it can also hold up to alternating patterns of player and banker wins, which can be extremely profitable If there are many of these patterns.

This system is not very profitable when ‘double chopping’ occurs which is when wins come in pairs in the manner of Banker, Banker, Player, Player, Banker, Banker etc. Tie bets can be ignored as both player and banker bets are fully returned in this instance. This system is interesting too as it does not need a large initial stake or bankroll. It is popular with veteran Baccarat players for this reason and also its relatively high success rate.

It should always be remembered however that a betting system by no means guarantees success, especially in the long run. Games such as roulette, baccarat and even black jack offer up to even odds of winning depending how you bet. This does not change, ever. It is sometimes believed by novice players that when consecutive losses occur, somehow the odds change and it become more likely to win the next round. This is not in fact the case. Despite having 8 losses in a row, let’s say, the odds of losing the next round stand at 50% (or very close to it.)

This betting system is good for those who do not have a large bank roll and with bets remaining the same size; the player can potentially stay in the game for far longer. Many betting systems do not work in this way and instead are progressive betting systems. This is when the bet size itself is changed depending on a win or lose. Negative progressive betting systems decrease the bet after a win, and increase the bet after a loss. Positive betting systems work the opposite way and increase after a win, but decrease after a loss. The aim is to maximize profits returned from the casino tables and safeguarding oneself as far as is possible from losses.

Of course players do often see success when utilizing a betting system, especially in the short term. There is no guarantee of long term success. Each round played at the Baccarat or roulette table is an independent event which is why there can never be a way to guarantee success and the player has no influence over the result. Previous results too have no bearing on what is going to come next, so while you can alter your betting pattern or betting size, the outcome is totally random.

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