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January 10, 2015
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Welcome to Baccarat Strategy, your most trusted baccarat wisdom shrine. Browse our knowledgebase for tips and strategies, sign up at our trusted baccarat strategy sites! Providing our readers with the best hints available is our ultimate goal. After all, the world wide web is big enough for all of us!

Baccarat is simple and profitable

Baccarat is an enormously popular casino game, capable of making all the difference in casinos’ revenues overnight. It is considered refined, mainly because it was popularized by James Bond books and movies (and comics!), regardless of the fact that it made its debut later than other classic casino games. The simplicity of the game is what is chiefly considered its main benefit, as there are almost no rules involved in it, so to speak. On top of that, it is fun and profitable, and available to everyone via the Internet.

Baccarat Tips

Which brings us to the next crucial point. Never mind it being fun and lucrative, baccarat is still a gambling game. In order to be successful, you will need to analyze your opponents (just like in any other gambling game) and stick to your strategy. Of these there are many, so make sure to choose your preferred baccarat type properly. Additionally, baccarat is often compared to roulette, but this, also, is questionable. Baccarat variants include punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque, and only the first one is a game of chance in its entirety.

Baccarat Rules

As for baccarat rules: there are two hands and the higher one wins the game. You may bet on either of the hands (Banker and Player, in that order). Mind the totals, especially if you happen to be an avid blackjack player. Namely, the focus is on the last digit of the total count (i.e., if the total is 8 plus 7, it will amount to 5 not 15). Aces count as one, face-up cards have no value, and that would be all the rules you will ever need!

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