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Tips and Strategies

Baccarat Strategy: Baccarat Basic Rules

March 27, 2015
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Needless to say, baccarat is the most loved casino game of all times. Whether it’s glamour or riches that attract new players, the fact remains that online baccarat strategy games attract new players on a daily basis.

Of course, some people simply wish to have some fun online. Given that baccarat sites offer free bonuses to all players, this is not to be wondered at. Let them! If your aim is winning big, however, make sure to collect all free bonuses and use them to polish your skills and perfect your baccarat strategy.

Baccarat Rules

If you have no experience with baccarat strategy games whatsoever, keep in mind that they are fast-paced. Make sure to keep track of the game and read the rules, even if in brief. Familiarizing yourself with bet types come next, but take one step at a time! Baccarat is fun and all, but it is still a gambling game.

Game types

Let’s start from the very beginning, then. Two types of online baccarat strategy games are available: free-to-play and high roller games. The latter require an invitation as they’re played in private rooms, so don’t worry about any potential financial losses.

The basics

As for the rules, the baccarat strategy basics are:

1. Two hands are dealt (banker and player);

2. If the total of 8 or 9 is reached, the player achieving the goal wins the game;

3. If neither the banker nor the player have achieved the goal, the tableau (drawing rules) is applied.

Counting the totals

Keep in mind that counting the totals differ from other similar games. Namely, only the last digit counts. If you’re a blackjack player, make sure to not err on this account. E.g., if the total is 8 plus 8, it will amount to 6.


As for the payouts, banker bets will earn you 95%, while tie pays 8 to 1 odds. A 5% commission is always reserved for the house, though. Take all these factors into account when drafting your baccarat strategy, and use free bonuses to polish it!

Baccarat sites at Baccarat Strategy

And lastly, always play at licensed baccarat strategy sites. They guarantee all payouts and their customer support is always there for you. Plus, they offer by far most generous bonuses. At Baccarat Strategy, we’ve selected the finest casino recommendations in that regard. Sign up to start winning at baccarat today!

Tips and Strategies

Baccarat Strategy : Punto Banco Tableau

January 10, 2015
Baccarat Strategy 1

Baccarat is the most popular casino game, as we’re sure you’ve heard it many times already. Still, this fact is not surprising in the least, given that baccarat is both entertaining and profitable. On top of it, game rules are so easy that even a beginner will be able to learn them promptly. Baccarat strategy is, in short, an enjoyable experience above all. Two hands are dealt in baccarat: banker and player. Sometimes they are simply referred to these as hand 1 and hand 2. You get to choose the hand you wish to place a bet on, and the outcomes are three: player, banker, and tie. There are several baccarat strategy variants, the most popular of which include punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque. The great majority of UK and US casinos offer only punto banco, usually referred to simply as “baccarat”.

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